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HR Services

We provide HR services tailored to any industry. At CSL Solutions, our foremost priority is to ensure that all of our clients benefit from working with us. Through our discovery process, we will discuss if we are a good fit for each other. This means that you will enjoy improved HR services and employee benefits, reduced liability, and reduced costs.

That’s why some clients have been with us for more than 25 years. Because they trust our expertise and guidance, and they recognize the savings they realize when they work with CSL Solutions.


Journeyman employees typically work in conditions which are inherently risky, due to the presence of heavy machinery, uneven surfaces, exposed wiring, and so on. Any one of these can result in accidents that cause serious injury or even death. As a result, construction companies and other such businesses spend a significant percentage of their total overhead on workers’ compensation insurance. ​ Even firms that employ fewer than 10 tradesmen can spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on workers’ compensation. But the high price for this coverage isn’t just due to the inherent danger of the work these businesses perform. Small business owners simply do not have the leverage necessary to negotiate better prices.

When you join CSL Solutions, you become part of an insurance pool that covers hundreds of other skilled tradespeople who live and work here in California, doing the same sort of work that you do. This gives CSL Solutions the ability to negotiate significant discounts on coverage—typically resulting in a savings of 15% to 25% per year. And we pass these savings on to you.

Many of our clients save enough on their workers’ compensation coverage to more than cover our fees for handling all of their HR needs. To put that another way: They offload their human resources-related responsibilities, and make more money as a result.

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